Trixotech Advanced Materials Pvt Ltd


Trixotech Advanced Materials Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer of high purity (99.9+%) single and multi component oxides for various research and commercial applications such as in Energy (Fuel Cells, Battery), Coatings (Thermal and Environment Barrier), Electronics, Superconducters etc.

Trixotech also manufactures various targets and shapes that are used in deposition processes and/or in engineered ceramics.

Why Trixotech?.

Trixotech team works constantly to innovate and improve the processes to provide customers with materials that have high consistency and reproducibility. The manufacturing processes used give the flexibility to customize the material specifications to customers’ requirements e.g. Gadolinium doped Ceria is offered with particle size as small as few nano meters (ink manufacturing) to tens of microns (plasma spray coatings).

Let Trixotech take care of your materials requirements so you can get reproducible results from research and development to commercialization.

Trixotech engineers and scientist will work with you to deliver high quality materials for your custom requirement.

Quality and Consistency

At Trixotech we understand the importance our customers put on quality and consistency. Therefore, we put every effort from procurement to quality testing in making sure we meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. We test all our raw materials for impurities and all our powders come with the following test results

1) Phase analysis (XRD)
2) Particle size distribution (PSD)
3) Surface area

On customer request we can also provide following test reports:

1) Impurity analysis (ICP)
2) High resolution images (SEM)

Let's Discuss

At Trixotech we believe that the true value a supplier brings to the table is deep understanding of the steps needed to resolve customer’s technical problems.  Therefore, whether you need a fresh approach or need to develop something from scratch our team will work closely with you to come up with the best solution.

We have more than 10 years of experience in research and development. We will be happy to work with you and leverage our world-class facility and global supply chain network to accelerate your innovation, scale-up your ideas, and further your research.

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.